Dr. Manuel Banck

Dr. Manuel Banck


Focus Areas

  • copyright
  • press and freedom of expression
  • advertising law/protection of know-how
  • data protection law
  • litigation


Manuel Banck specializes in litigation in media law and in the intellectual property area. He focuses on providing legal advice regarding the law of the press, as well as on representing media companies before the court in copyright and in proceedings involving freedom of expression. In addition to that, he chairs court proceedings for his clients in trademark, patent, and competition law, know-how, and data protection, in the areas of consumer goods, sports, entertainment, and technology. Another focal point of Mr. Banck’s legal advice involves protecting business reputations, particularly in connection with anonymous evaluations and internet publications.

Mr. Banck studied law in Kiel, focusing on copyright and antitrust. Following that, he completed doctoral studies in copyright law under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Haimo Schack, addressing the licensing practice of copyright collectives. He completed his clerkship at, inter alia, the German Bundestag, a major international law firm, and a Hamburg boutique IP law firm. He passed Germany’s second state bar examination in November 2013. Mr. Banck has been a member of the Hamburg bar since 2014 and has been working for KNPZ Rechtsanwälte since that time.

Manuel Banck is a member of the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR) as well as of the Association of Kiel University Law Graduates (Kieler Doctores Iures e.V.).

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